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Our Dementia Choir Granted £4000 from the Nottinghamshire County Council Covid 19 Community Fund

It has been a particularly difficult time for the Choir during the pandemic; not being able to get together and having to meet up over zoom and teams for rehearsals and catchups!

For our choir members who are living with dementia, it has been extremely difficult to engage over a laptop and in some cases with only a telephone.

With the aid of this grant it has enabled more choir members to gain access to activities and support during the pandemic which has been and continues to be much needed. It has been an enormous lifeline for them all. Atom IT, our new volunteer IT team, have supported the members with IT training and setting up their equipment.

Some of our choir members continue to be restricted by the pandemic, being clinically vulnerable and this has enabled them to continue to be part of this fantastic choir.

Thank you very much Nottinghamshire County Council!

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