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Sponsor a Rehearsal for £500+vat

Help us with the cost of putting on our fortnightly rehearsal sessions

ODC Rehearsal-10_edited.png

Did you know, you can sponsor a rehearsal session for Our Dementia Choir and attend yourself? 

Come and meet the choir & crew at your sponsored rehearsal, get your picture taken with us, and be announced as a supporter on our social media channels.

Watch our choir rehearsal

We hold a rehearsal every fortnight for the choir and their carers to attend and practice with each other and their choir leaders. These sessions are not only necessary for choir members to practice their dazzling performances, they're also vital to help those living with Dementia to benefit from the amazing power of music therapy. 

Every rehearsal is a lively social gathering where friends are made, but it might also be the only time some carers get to talk with others who really know what it's like to look after someone living with Dementia. 

It's also the perfect time to update those who might not check emails regularly, or who don't have access to them. All volunteers and crew come to rehearsals too, keeping the choir moving is a huge task! 

You have the unique opportunity to support this event and help to provide this lifeline, as well as help with the cost of some of the more practical considerations like: 

The PA system 

  • The choir leaders, music and printing
  • Transport to and from the rehearsal for those unable to travel themselves​
  • Tea & Coffee for everyone
  • Lunch for the choir, crew & volunteers
  • Putting on entertainment like raffles and bingo 

In return for your generosity: 

  • You and one other can attend the rehearsal session you ​sponsor
  • You can have pictures taken with the choir and crew (which can be used on your socials with our written agreement)
  • You will get a shout out on our social media and a link to your business website
  • You'll be featured on our website in our 'Previous Sponsors' section

All for £500+vat  per rehearsal


If you'd like to help us by sponsoring a rehearsal, please click below and register your interest, we'll be in touch to organize the date you'd like to come along.

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