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Welcome to ‘Our Dementia Choir’! 


From the first day filming our BAFTA nominated BBC One documentary ’Our Dementia Choir’, I can safely say the choir and their loved ones have changed my life. What’s more they have changed many lives across the UK and now stretching to other countries around the world. 


Everyone involved in the choir, past and present, choir members and loved ones, have shown enormous strength and honesty in allowing us to document their lives and very much prove ways in which you can live well with dementia whilst not shying away from the difficulties it can bring. 


When the cameras aren’t there the choir are still very much active in showcasing the power of music, making trips all over the UK to perform at various organisations and fundraising events, keeping our choir going and spreading an important message along the way. 


I am so incredibly proud and grateful to everyone involved, the choir, their families and carers, our volunteers, trustees and supporters. I honestly believe with the right hearts and minds you truly can change peoples lives for the better. 


Music is medicine. 


Thank you from myself and ‘Our Dementia Choir’ for your continued love and support. 


Vicky xxx

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