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Welcome to ‘Our Dementia Choir’! 

From the first day of filming the BBC One documentary ’Our Dementia Choir’ I can safely say the choir and their loved ones have changed my life. What’s more they have changed many lives across the UK and now stretching to other countries around the world. 

This group of people showed enormous strength and honesty in allowing us to document their lives and very much proved ways in which you can live well with dementia, whilst also not shying away from the difficulties it can also bring. 

Over the course of 12 weeks with an extremely caring and dedicated production team & the wonderful Mark DeLisser as our choir master we had full attendance at the choir sessions, we learned lots of new songs, we learned how to warm up our vocal cords, we learned to sing in ways we didn’t know was possible, some kindly agreed to take part in ground breaking scientific experiments, we spent time with the choir members and their families and carers in their day to day lives and most importantly we formed a new family. 


The feedback we all received after the documentary aired was astounding. 

It means the world to us all that other choirs have now been set up off the back of the documentary.

Being able to share our love and passion for music was always our intention. 

Being able to change the perception of dementia and share the message that after a diagnosis of dementia doesn’t mean it’s all down hill was always our intention. 

Being able to discover scientific possibilities that could help towards a cure was always our intention. And I believe we showcased just how powerful music is, not only to our brain but to our heart & soul. 


Angela O’Neill was involved with the choir from the beginning supporting Mark DeLisser, with her care, dedication and choir master skills, support from the Curve Media who produced the show and countless support from the public helping us with funding we have been able to continue the choir with regular sessions, we have lots of wonderful requests for performances which means we are continually being challenged. 

We aim to keep you informed on here with the choir's future, share any tips that will help in your own choir sessions and together all embrace the joy that music brings to each and everyone of us.


Thank you from myself and all involved in ‘Our Dementia Choir’ for your love and support. 

In the words of one of my favourite songs by ‘The Carpenters’...’We’ve only just begun’