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Request a performance

Our Dementia Choir travels around the UK to perform at various private and public events from garden parties with 20 guests to festivals with 20,000 attendees. Nothing phases them, they take it all in their stride!

Our Dementia Choir is a self-funding charity and so carries out fundraising at each event that we perform at, therefore we ask for a donation and for all fees to be covered if you would like us to perform. The donation goes towards keeping the choir going and allows us to continue to invite more people to join the choir and benefit from the power of music.

If you have an event coming up that you would like the choir to perform at, please complete the form via the link below. 

It includes our terms and conditions for you to consider before we go any further with the booking.


Once the form is complete we will review your requirements and get back to you to discuss the details.

What DO people think of our performances?

"I wanted to email to extend my thanks again for your amazing performance at the Volunteero Summit. The feedback we have received has absolutely blown us away and you should hear what they are saying about the choir. 

"Absolutely fantastic, the whole audience was on their feet dancing and singing along. We couldn't have asked for more! It was a great way to wake up our conference delegates after lunch!"

“A performance from Our Dementia Choir is always an incredibly special, uplifting experience. There’s no doubt that their appearance at Alzheimer’s Society’s annual conference was a highlight for all, and the joy and infectious energy they bring to their singing had us all joining in.”

Claire Grindal, Associate Director of External Relations and Media for Alzheimer’s

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