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Jan joined the choir as soon as it was formed and loved it from the start as singing had been so important to her all her life, it came from the early Sunday School and Church choirs.  Performing at the Nottingham Concert Hall was for her the highlight of the Dementia Choir but sadly so soon after that performance Jan’s condition worsened to such a degree that she had to go into a care home and consequently could no longer take an active role.


The carers have also made lasting friendships and Jan’s husband Chris has benefited from this especially during the dreadful months of the Covid-19 pandemic, thank goodness for Zoom meetings.


Vicky McClure’s Dementia Choir has been so uplifting to so many people, not just the choir members but also all those who watched the BBC TV programme nationwide; she started something wonderful that will continue to inspire Dementia suffers and their loved ones for ever.


Ahmed was diagnosed with mixed dementia nearly 4 years ago. Being a member of the Our Dementia Choir has been an uplifting experience and he has made many new friends as a result of participating. 

He would like to thank Vicky, Angela, all volunteers, and most of all the choir for all their help and support. 


Angela is the leader of Our Dementia choir. She grew up in Nottingham and is a single mum to three kids. When she isn't working with Our Dementia Choir she is teaching piano and working with Singing for the Brain.

Working on the programme 'Our Dementia Choir' was one of the most interesting, emotional, enlightening, and wonderful things she's ever done.


Chris says he loves every minute of the choir and it's the highlight of the week for him! He loves all the people involved, and it has been a real privilege to be a part of this wonderful group.


Julie was diagnosed with frontal temporal dementia in 2017 after 3 years of tests.

Being in the choir has meant so much to her. She says being with other people struggling with the same things makes her feel like she's not alone. She enjoys singing with her choir family.


'It's great fun, we forget we have dementia and we just become a choir.' 


Mick is 53 years old and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy in 2018 following a series of grand mal seizures that came really from nowhere. Since that day, his life and the lives of his family have been turned upside down having been given a terminal diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and managing the progressive change.  Whilst living his life as fully as possible, day to day is hard. However, one of his main lifelines is being a member of the Choir.  The music, camaraderie and friends made have been irreplaceable. 


“In a world of dementia where there is very little to support those as young as myself, I can honestly say that it has kept us going!  Thank you to everyone involved that keeps this valuable group going!”


Singing is easier than talking for June so singing in the choir supports her communication and interaction with others.

The choir has given June the opportunity to be a part of a community of people that understand her needs and can support her, and who have ultimately become friends. 

Her family are so grateful for the lovely people they have met and the experiences that the choir has given them. 


Rae has a neurodegenerative condition with progressive dementia which was diagnosed when she was 49.

Before that, Rae was a music teacher and was overwhelmed when, during filming for the TV programme, she discovered she could still play the piano. Rae struggles day to day accepting there is something wrong in her life but she battles on. She doesn’t have a lot of family but her best friend is also her carer and Rae feels so blessed to have her in her life


John’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis came in January 2015 & in 2018 (when this photo was taken whilst visiting his son Guy, in Vancouver)

 John joined Our Dementia Choir and has loved every minute of it and continues to do it to this day. 


“Choir is a room full of love, laughter and kindness where we can all be ourselves.  It is a special safe place full of special friends. Thank you to EVERYONE in the choir who has touched my life & the lives of my family, brought us so much happiness & eased our journey.”