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Become an Ambassador for Our Dementia Choir

Becoming an ambassador can be a meaningful and fulfilling role for several reasons:

  1. Promoting awareness: As an ambassador, you have the opportunity to raise awareness about dementia and its impact on individuals and families. By sharing your personal experiences, knowledge, and the work of Our Dementia Choir, you can help educate the public and reduce the stigma surrounding dementia.

  2. Supporting a worthy cause: Our Dementia Choir aims to improve the lives of people living with dementia through the power of music. By becoming an ambassador, you actively contribute to this cause, advocating for the positive effects of music on mental health and well-being. You can help inspire others to get involved, whether through donations, fundraising, volunteering, or participating in the choir.

  3. Making a difference: Being an ambassador allows you to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by dementia. By leveraging your influence and platform, you can encourage others to take action, whether it's engaging in music therapy programmes, supporting research initiatives, or implementing dementia-friendly practices in their communities.

  4. Personal connection: If you have a personal connection to dementia, such as having a loved one who is affected by the condition, being an ambassador can provide a sense of purpose and connection. It allows you to channel your experiences into positive action and help others going through similar challenges.

  5. Collaboration and networking: As an ambassador, you'll have opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded individuals, organizations, and professionals who are dedicated to supporting people with dementia. This networking can lead to valuable partnerships, increased knowledge sharing, and the exchange of ideas, ultimately enhancing your impact and reach.

  6. Personal growth: Being an ambassador often involves public speaking, attending events, and engaging with diverse audiences. These experiences can help you develop skills such as communication, leadership, and advocacy, contributing to your personal growth and self-confidence.

Ultimately, becoming an Our Dementia Choir Ambassador offers a chance to make a positive impact, raise awareness, support a worthwhile cause, and create a more inclusive and compassionate society for individuals with dementia and their families.

Meet Our First Ambassador

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