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Celebrate Christmas with Our Dementia Choir

After what has been an absolutely fantastic week of Christmas Performances and Celebrations for Our Dementia Choir, we are pleased to showcase the recording of our very first Christmas performance held at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham, featuring some very special guests!

We commissioned our BBC1 producer, Peter Coventry and a team of production specialists to produce this exceptional video to enable everyone across the UK and indeed worldwide to see our fabulous Choir family together on stage and hopefully raise some funds for the choir, as well as encourage others across the country to raise the profile and benefits of the Power of Music for those living with dementia!


The Choir is led by Mark de Lisser, supported by Daniela Smith, under the direction of Vicky McClure and a team of Trustees for the Charity.   Karen Bonser, Charity Manager and her volunteer/crew team work relentlessly to support the choir throughout the year and to organise special events such as these.


We hope you can donate to the choir, either before or after watching the video, to support the choir’s ongoing sustainability. 


It costs around £50,000 to fund the choir annually but is worth every penny when you see them perform together and how it changes their lives!  The choir is not just about music though, there is support provided for carers and families, as well as activities that they would not normally be able to access!  In the words of carers – ‘Our Dementia Choir is our lifeline!’


We promise you will feel every emotion possible when watching – ENJOY!


"Christmas is a special yet very difficult time of year. The Dementia Choir spread joy and hope wherever they go! You can’t help but feel uplifted when you hear them sing. We hope this concert brings you all some festive joy and on behalf of myself and Our Dementia Choir thank you so much for all your support and love. We look forward to seeing you all in 2023 for more music and adventures!"

Watch our Christmas Concert Highlights

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