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Herbert Protocol.

We’ve teamed up with Nottinghamshire Police all in aid of raising awareness about keeping our dementia community safe if they ever go missing.

Dementia will affect 1 in 3 people whether that’s your parent, grandparent, or friend which is why we want to make you aware of the Herbert Protocol.

The Herbert Protocol is a form you can download from our website and this can be completed by carers, family members, or close friends.

If someone you care for does go missing, this form gives us important info to help find them.🚔

We want to help you and those you care for in any way we can - so please if you look after someone with dementia, fill out the form.

Help us get the message out there about the Herbert Protocol and let’s work together to make Nottinghamshire the most dementia-friendly place in the world.🌎❤️

Click the link below to find out more..

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