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1935 -2019

Mary met Anton her husband of 64yrs in 1950, at a local church youth group, when they held a dancing evening. She was 15 and he was 17.

Five years later they were married and went on to have three children, Mark, Hugh and Jane.

The family was the centre of her life, supporting the children in many activities including lots of various sports, Scouts and Guides, and always in the back ground, church activities for all.

Mary underpinned, supported and encouraged us all to do our best, live life to the fullest and take on new challenges, whilst quietly running the home and working part time as a Post Office Clerk.

We went on Camping holidays every year, covering the entirety of mainland UK.  Where Mary was able to take part in one of her hobbies, walking. Also managing to cook a full English breakfast each morning and an evening meal for the five of us, on a 2 ring camping stove, she never once complained, moaned or made a fuss. Quite remarkable. Many happy memories were made.

Whilst Mary’s life was family focused, as the family grew up, Mary and Anton continued their enjoyment of dancing, singing and spending holidays abroad. Visiting Europe, the Holy land, Australia and New Zealand, where Hugh had settled and raised his family.

Mary was instantly recognisable for her abundance of curly hair and warm engaging smile, that lit up her face, especially when greeting people.

Mary enjoyed being a member of the local church and especially the choir. When Mary was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (in the 90s) she found great comfort and support their, also again when she was diagnosed with Dementia.

Being accepted into the Dementia choir and program, brought the Mary we once knew, back to us. She became talkative, happy and enthusiastic. She enjoyed the friendship and love that the Dementia choir gives to all who are apart of it. She gained comfort and happiness from being a choir member.

Mary was her own person, humble in her outlook, supportive, caring and totally dependable. She is greatly missed by hey family.

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