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1943 - 2020

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Maureen was born on Tuesday 20th July 1943 in her Grandmother's front room in Felling, Tyneside. She was the oldest of three children.

As a young woman, Maureen's environmental campaigning brought her regularly onto TV screens, the Radio airwaves and into newsprint. She was a woman ahead of her time. Things we now take as a given, like recycling, re-using bags for shopping, that pollution is a major problem to be addressed- these were all things Maureen became famous for in the North East as she took on retailers, Town Planners and international industry giants.

In 1980, her job as a Community Worker brought Maureen and her young family to Nottingham and in the early 90's she followed her passion for writing and started her own successful business as a Creative Writing Tutor. She was also a published author of many short stories and poems.

In November 2013 Maureen was diagnosed with Dementia and, for a while, this restricted her life and her spark was becoming a little less bright each year.

Until a letter arrived one day with news of a choir being created for a BBC documentary and a whole new chapter opened up full of new friendships and fun!

The choir gave so much to Maureen in the last few years of her life- singing with her choir family brought the light back into her eyes and her smile shone again!

Maureen's Favourite Memory of the Choir

"When she took a bow from her wheelchair onstage at the Royal Concert Hall as 2000 gave the choir a standing ovation!"

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Maureen's Favourite Flower

"Sweet peas"

Maureen's Favourite Food

"Rice pudding and Bread and Butter pudding. Pudding!"

Maureen's Favourite Place


Maureen's Favourite Hobbie

"Creative Writing - short stories, poetry. Reading, listening to music, and painting."

Maureen's Favourite Animal

"Dogs, Robins and Squirrels."

Maureen's Favourite Saying

"The dark nights are coming!"

Maureen's Favourite Song

"I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen by Bing Crosby"

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