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A Tribute to Maurice Keeling


There are many, many memories the Choir members have of the lovely Maurice.  When the choir members were chatting together, as they do every Saturday, it is clear that there were so many wonderful things to say which pay testament to this wonderful man.

One of the main things that were said about him is how he had a wonderful smile, even a cheeky grin at times, with a little twinkle in his eyes!  He loved the choir and his eyes always lit up whenever he joined the rest of his fellow singers in rehearsals.  There is a deep affection between them all and Maurice was a huge part of that……. he was a true gentleman.

Being the true gentleman that he was, he would greet the ladies with a kiss on the hand and very often would sit holding Vicky’s hand at rehearsals.  He bought so much pleasure to the lives of all in the choir in the short space of time that we knew him – he was part of our dear choir family and we will miss him dreadfully.

The choir have lots of lovely memories to share, and it became very apparent, very quickly, that his favourite things in the world were the choir rehearsals, cake, tea, biscuits, hats and last but not least his loving wife, Karen.   

Maurice once said to our Choir Director, Mark de-Lisser, ‘It’s people like you, that people like me need’.   He was always so grateful for everything the choir family gave to him.  When asked if he was well, he would always answer ‘Yes, I’m very well, but much better for having seen you!’

His main partner in crime though was Bob.  They were such good friends, but also the choir’s comedy duo!  They would wear the same hats, sit down when they were supposed to stand up! Sing when they should be quiet!  We remember Rae, trying to discipline them once when it wasn’t their turn to sing – obviously, she didn’t succeed!  

Another memory of Bob’s was one morning when Bob said to him ‘I heard you singing this morning Maurice.’   With a big grin and delight , Maurice said, ‘Did you Bob?’  to which Bob replied… ‘Yes, you were bloody awful!’  The two of them had us all in hysterics at times!

We will miss his great sense of humour, his wonderful voice and his friendship, but we do have so many memories of this wonderful man that will stay with us forever.

Rest in peace our lovely friend – until we sing together again.

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