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1936 - 2020


"She was the biggest family person ever and she put us before everything. She would give you her last penny. When the grandchildren were little you couldn't mention they needed shoes or that something was nice because she would have bought them there and then. She adored them and they adored her."

Betty's Favourite Memory of the Choir

"Meeting Vicky and her mate Julie. She loved the choir and always said that she was Vicky’s number one and Vicky says that she did say that and mum remembered it. She would never settle until Julie arrived  - their friendship was something special"


Betty's Favourite Saying

"Her favourite saying was "hock aye the noo" - only appeared during her last 2 years of having dementia"

Betty's Favourite Song

"The Wonder of You" by Elvis

Betty's Favourite Flower

"Summer bedding flowers and once upon a time her garden was full of hanging baskets that she planted up herself"

Betty's Favourite Food

"Her favourite food was cream tea in her favourite place pentewan sands Cornwall"


Betty's Favourite Place

"Pentewan Sands, Cornwall"

Betty's Favourite Hobbie

"Flower planting"

Betty's Wedding Anniversary

"18th Dec"

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