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Join us!

We have some exciting news! We’re recruiting new members for Our Dementia Choir!

New members will need to:

•Have received a diagnosis of a type of dementia.

•Be living in Nottinghamshire, Nottingham City or immediate surrounding county areas.

•Have a passion and love for singing and music.

•Have a committed carer (Partner, friend, family member or other) who is prepared to support & attend rehearsals/ performances (across the UK and overnight stays)

Please be aware that we are a ‘performing choir’ and the informal rehearsal sessions lead to rehearsing for various performances throughout the year on some rather large stages …with even larger audiences!  

Support will be given for transport arrangements or other accessible needs as required.

If you/ someone you know is interested in joining this fabulous group, we would kindly ask you to complete a details form for us via the following link:

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into the Our Dementia Choir Family ♥️🎶♥️ #recruiting #welcome #dementia #choir #member #singing

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